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Birth date:1\20\1994

Real name:Fredrick Runcov

Hometown: Panama, FL

Age: 52

Height: 10'10"

Weight: 800lbs

Psychology: Great intellectual skills but, he is somewhat slow mentally and hides his intelligence under a rough personallity

Rank: Staff Sergeant and Engineer (the only reason his rank isn't higher than Nano's is because Deka refused to be a higher rank than his commanding officer)

History: Deka signed up in year 2010, was in the Afganistan war, after that he was tested on for ten years into becoming the first cyborg-mech.
when the scientists finished him he was put into a cyrogenic tube until the year 2038, when he was thawed out thus explains why he looks like he's in his 30s.

Specialty: Creates tactics plans for the battlefield with Nano, works with heavy weapons and mantains all technological devices.

Physiology: He has a big bulky body with two earthquake genorators that come out the back to both hands looking like a police baton and with an extendable spike that goes to the middle of the current contidental plate and then creates sonic vibrations causing a earthquake in the general area of Deka. He has feet thrusters like on the blueprint for the mechs unlike Nano who didn't go off that bluprint.

Personality: Deka is very strongwilled and oddly enough he is slow mentally

Note: He is the strongest of team Delta. He is the first in the team Delta.


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Nobody Jenkins
United States
i'm a video game nerd and have hundreds of ideas. nothing more.

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